Aug 28, 2013

Customizing PDF Postman Settings

PDF Postman is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that lets you communicate securely. It's best used in situations when there is a requirement for a simple one-way flow of information, such as a from a consultant to a client, or a doctor to a patient.  An alternative to complex email encryption schemes, PDF Postman makes it easy to communicate with anyone securely through email. It does this by leveraging the AES encryption standard that is included in the Portable Document Format (PDF) specification.  In other words, the messages you send from Outlook using PDF Postman can be opened by virtually any PDF standards-compliant viewer, including Adobe Reader.

PDF Postman integrates tightly with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 through 2012.  This article discusses PDF Postman's Settings tab, which has numerous options that you can use to customize the software's default operations.

To get to the Settings tab, start Microsoft Outlook, open a new email message, and find PDF Postman's "Settings" tab. In Outlook 2003, it will be located in the top right corner of the PDF Postman toolbar.
The PDF Postman toolbar buttons as shown in MS Outlook 2013.
PDF Postman toolbar in Outlook 2013

Pressing "Settings" will cause the PDF Postman Settings window to open.

Configure PDF Postman settings on the Settings tab, shown here. Control how PDF Postman interacts with MS Outlook.
PDF Postman Settings Tab

Change Language. PDF Postman supports different languages in it's menus, and we are adding more with languages with each update.  Select the language that you prefer from the drop down list, and click "Save" to retain your selection

Encryption Strength
Select PDF Postman Encryption Strength
PDF Postman can convert your email message into an encrypted PDF file. There are two options:  Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 bit strength, and AES-256 bit strength.

AES-128 is most widely compatible with old computers and PDF viewers. However, AES-256 bit offers the strongest protection.  We recommend selecting 256-bit encryption, since it is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 9 and later.  Acrobat 9 was released in 2008, and experience has shown that using AES-256 PDF encryption is rarely presents a compatibility problem today.

Do Not Prompt For Password If Found In List
Check this box if PDF Postman should use the passwords it finds in it's password list.  If unchecked, PDF Postman will prompt you to enter a password, even if one exists in the password list.  Click here for more information on PDF Postman password storage.

Set Message Encryption Default To On
This causes the "PDF Encrypt Message" option to be on by default each time a new email message window is opened. If you operate in an environment where you routinely send sensitive information, then activating this option is a good idea, and may prevent you from accidentally sending information unencrypted.

Set the encryption options.
Set The Encryption Option
If you set message encryption default to "on," choose which mode you want to activate.  You can select from PDF Encrypt Email, PDF Encrypt Files, or PDF Files. Whichever selection
 you choose will be automatically turned on each time a new email message is opened.

Image shows other settings on the Settings tab that can be used to adjust the software's operational settings.
Additional PDF Postman Settings

Time Stamp Encrypted Message
Will place a notice within the PDF file stating the time that the file was created. If it's important to have a record that the message was sent encrypted, then activate this item.

Obscure Email Subject Line In Container Email
Setting this option will obscure your email subject line in the container message.  Uncheck it if you prefer to have your original email subject line included in the container message.  The container message is the default message to which your encrypted PDF file is attached.

Save Unencrypted Copy In Sent Items Folder
If you would like to retain an unencrypted copy of email messages you send in Outlook's Sent Items folder, check this item.  If you don't check it, then PDF Postman will not retain an unencrypted copy. An encrypted copy is always saved in your Outlook Sent Item's folder.

Show Message About Encryption Success
If you like to receive a confirmation from PDF Postman after it has successfully encrypted your message, then leave this item checked.  If, after sending many messages, you simply no longer want to see the notification, simply uncheck this box.

More information about the PDF Postman Settings tab can found in the online product manual.

To learn about PDF Postman, visit the product home page where you can download a free trial and access more articles.  You can also contact PDF Postman technical support with specific questions through the online help system.

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