Aug 20, 2013

Protecting Your PDF Postman Passwords

PDF Postman is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 that provides a simple way to send a secure email message. PDF Postman users the AES-256 bit strong encryption that's built into the portable document file (PDF) specification to protect your message. Using PDF makes it easily accessible to anyone who knows the password and who has a PDF reader on their laptop, tablet or phone.

PDF Postman is not a "public key" system, where you can publicly share your key with the world. Rather, it's a symmetric key system, which means the same password is used to open the message as is used to protect it.  Using a symmetric key system like PDF Postman makes it much easier to send protected files to someone (just agree on a password and keep it to yourselves), but also means that both sender and receiver should take care to protect the password from those who would steal them.

PDF Postman gives you the option to create strong random passwords, and to store them in a mail list as they are created.  Storing passwords to the list is optional and is not required.

If you choose to store a password for an email recipient, then PDF Postman saves it to the Passwords list.  Passwords can be edited or changed any time by going to PDF Postman's Settings>Passwords tab.  To change a password just click on the old one and type a new password.

Screenshot of PDF Postman email encryption add-in for MS Outlook, Passwords storage list.
Password List

Protecting the Password List

If you do not have exclusive use of your computer, or if you are worried about theft, you can keep people out of the password list by (you guessed it) password protecting the list itself.  Take care to protect your list password, or you may lose access to the list entirely. We recommend writing it down and storing it in a safe or locked file.

To activate password protection, go to PDF Postman's Settings > Settings tab, and click the box for "Password Protect Settings and Password Menu." This will bring up another window called "Create Master Password," where you can type your master password.

Image shows how to set a master password for PDF Postman add-on for MS Outlook.
How to set a master password for PDF Postman

Click Save, and now the next time you enter PDF Postman's settings, you will first have to enter the access password.

PDF Postman's setting's password is not a substitute for practical device security measures.  You should work with the IT department in your company to ensure that your device is further protected. Other measures you can take may include whole-device encryption, and even using the basic screen saver lock to protect your device from casual on-premise snooping.

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