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A significant barrier to efficient business communications is the inherent insecurity of email.  While various encryption schemes attempt to provide end to end email privacy, they can be expensive, complex and a burden on non-technical email recipients.

PDF Postman is an affordable and business practical way to secure important email messages and files. It has found a home in the offices of many doctors, lawyers, CPA's, engineers, and private homes.  Whether you've found this web page out of a need to comply with national or local privacy regulations, or you're an individual who takes his or her privacy seriously, PDF Postman could be the answer you've been looking for.

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PDF Postman is an easy to use Outlook add-in

What is PDF Postman?

It's an easy-to-use add-on for Microsoft Outlook that makes it simple to protect an Outlook email message and any attached files.  PDF Postman converts your Outlook message and embeds any file attachments into a secure PDF document.  The PDF is protected with AES-256 bit strong encryption, and can only be opened if the recipient knows the correct password.

Outlook 2013 toolbar for PDF Postman
PDF Postman Toolbar in Outlook 2013

To use PDF Postman, open and compose a new email message, then attach any files to the message that you want to share with the recipient.  Click "PDF Encrypt Email" and then send the message.  PDF Postman converts the message and files into a secure encrypted PDF using a password you specify. Files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Access databases may be extracted from the encrypted PDF by the recipient, and edited if necessary.

This method of symmetric key password encryption is simple to implement and use.  Recipient's can open the PDF file on virtually any device they wish, including iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and any other platform that is supported by PDF viewers that have implemented the PDF encryption specification.

Who Should Use PDF Postman?

Many professionals use PDF Postman to send private messages and files to their clients or patients.  The most typical scenario is a case where the professional needs to communicate securely and quickly with a non-technical client.

While there is certainly a place in the business world for the complex encryption schemes such as OpenPGP and S/MIME certificate encryption, or third-party intermediary services, an issue of complexity remains.   PDF Postman is another option that provides secure communication (if secure passwords are used) in a manner that not highly burdensome or expensive for the recipient.

You should use PDF Postman if you are currently sending sensitive data through email because either you or the recipient does not have the capacity to implement a public/private key encryption system.

If you have implemented public/private key encryption but you are unable to routinely use it because of the recipient's inability to setup and configure the same software on their end, then PDF Postman could also a good answer for you.  Some offices use PDF Postman alongside of OpenPGP for those instances where the recipient cannot receive a PGP message.

The best email encryption is the one that is used regularly.  The best encryption is valueless if it cannot be used.

The best way to discover if PDF Postman is right for you is to download a free trial and try it for two weeks.  We think PDF Postman's ease of use and affordability will win you over!

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