Jun 5, 2014

PDF Postman 2.0, The Outlook Email Encryption Add-in That Uses PDF To Secure Your Message, Is Now Available

Encryptomatic LLC today release PDF Postman 2.0. PDF Postman is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that lets you send encrypted messages in a recipient friendly manner. 

PDF Postman converts your Outlook email message into a PDF file. Email attachments are included within the encrypted PDF, and can be extracted by the recipient. PDF Postman uses AES-256 bit or AES-128 bit strong encryption, which is compatible with standard PDF viewers, such as Adobe Viewer. 

A screen shot of the PDF Postman email notification message.
Customizable PDF Postman notification message.

Recipients usually do not need to install a PDF viewer on their computer or device. When the PDF file is selected, the recipient is asked to enter a password. If the password is correct, the messsage and any file attachments are presented. 

Sending an encrypted PDF Message

PDF Postman is tightly integrated to Microsoft Office Outlook. When sending a new email message, click the "PDF Encrypt Email" button and then "Send" your message. If a password has not already been entered for the recipient, PDF Postman will ask you for it.  The recipient must know the password to open the encrypted PDF file.
Screenshot of PDF Encrypt Email button in Outlook toolbar.
PDF Postman toolbar in Outlook 2013

Change how PDF Postman works in the settings tab.
PDF Postman Settings

Changes in PDF Postman 2.0

PDF Postman now allows for saving an unencrypted copy of the sent email message on Exchange Server, making it more suitable for compliance requirements.

Users can now customize their own standard email message and preview that message in their web browser.  

By default, PDF Postman will only show the "PDF Encrypt" button in the Outlook toolbar. PDF Files, and PDF Encrypt Files buttons are hidden, but may be re-activated from the PDF Postman Settings page.

PDF Postman Change log:   Version 2.0.0

- 0003895: [Add] Templates. Add preview of predefined message
- 0003896: [Add] "About" dialog changes
- 0003321: [Add] Ability to save unencrypted copy of an email in Exchange server folders
- 0003841: [Fix] PDF attachment may be lost in some situations
- 0003394: [Fix] Add "Sent Time" to PDFP Unencrypted Copy
- 0003846: [Fix] XLS attachment does not get converted to PDF when using 3rd mode
- 0003318: [Fix] Add A Setting Option to only show PDF Encrypt in Email Toolbar
- 0002313: [Fix] Error with [Import] feature on the {Passwords} tab
- 0002287: [Fix] Crash. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040
- 0003415: [Fix] Hover Over PDFP Buttons Shows Bad Help Link
- 0003494: [Fix] Installer. Missing image in "Install has finished" form
- 0003922: [Fix] PDF attachment name sent from Exchange account is displayed incorrectly
- 0003164: [Development] Error message when trying to release manual activation in offline mode
- 0002315: [Development] Sending message from default account instead of manually indicated account

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