Jan 30, 2014

Understanding PDF Postman's Free Trial Period

PDF Postman is an add-on for Microsoft Office Outlook that helps you send secure messages and files using the PDF format.  Using PDF Postman is as easy as composing an Outlook email message, and then clicking the "PDF Encrypt" button from the Outlook toolbar.

Screen shot of Outlook 2013 email window with PDF Postman buttons in the toolbar.
PDF Postman buttons installed in Outlook 2013

PDF Postman is free to try. The trial software operates for 15 full days. After your trial expires, you can purchase a full license to continue using the software.

However, if you're only a very casual user of PDF Postman, you may decide to just contiue using the software in "free mode," where PDF Postman can be used to send up to 5 encrypted messages each month. The counter resets on the first of every month.

If you later decide to purchase a PDF Postman license key, it will be sent to you by email. Copy the key, and then go to PDF Postman's Settings > Register and enter the license key into the field.

For more information about acquiring a PDF Postman license, visit the official PDF Postman homepage.

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