Aug 31, 2015

An update to PDF Postman addon for Microsoft Outlook is now available! Get version 2.5, build 319 now at

This maintenance release of PDF Postman is recommended for all customers. 

The following issues reported by users have been resolved.

- 0004881: [Fix] Replace notification image, due to misspelling
- 0004819: [Development] Message "The system cannot find the file specified" during the installation (protected 32-bit .msi)
- 0004694: [Fix] Crash when adding password entry to the remote database
- 0004792: [Fix] Synchronization for remote and local password storage databases

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Mar 20, 2015

PDF Postman Quick Start

PDF Postman provides a simple way to send secure messages through Outlook e-mail.  This Quick Start video series will teach you the basics of using PDF Postman in just minutes.  Learn more about how you can use the PDF document format to send secure email messages in Outlook and download a free trial from the PDF Postman website.

Mar 17, 2015

Backup Your PDF Postman Passwords

Protecting your passwords is an important responsibility in email encryption. Your PDF Postman passwords should be backed up regularly and stored in a secure place.  Your passwords may later be imported should you need to re-install PDF Postman. You can also use your backup to move your passwords to another computer.

Password backups are done from the PDF Postman settings > Passwords tab.

Simply click the "Export" button, and choose a location to save your passwords.

Screen shot of PDF Postman email encryption add-in for MS Outlook showing the location of the password Export button.
Export PDF Postman Passwords from the Passwords Setting Tab

 The passwords and emails will be saved to a CSV file that you can open in a spreadsheet application.

To import the backup file, reverse theprocess. Click the "Import" button on the Passwords tab and select the file.

PDF Postman uses a simple CSV file for import/export.  You can import new passwords by adding them to a spreadsheet in a Email/Paswords configuration, and then saving the spreadsheet as a CSV file.  PDF Postman will add new passwords to it's existing password list.

To learn more about PDF Postman passwords, we recommend reading the article, Protecting Your PDF Postman Passwords, and also Configuring the PDF Postman Database.