Aug 9, 2013

How To Save An Unencrypted Copy Of Your PDF Postman Message In Microsoft Outlook

The PDF Postman add-on for Microsoft Outlook makes it easy for people to send and receive encrypted email messages and files using the AES-encryption standard implemented in popular PDF viewers. With PDF Postman, you create your email message in Outlook, and select the "PDF Encrypt" button before sending the message. PDF Postman then converts the message into a PDF document, and embeds file attachments within the PDF file, then encrypts the file using AES-128 or 256 bit encryption. The recipient receives the encrypted PDF in an email, clicks on it, enters the password into their PDF viewer, and is able to retrieve the message.  The recipient process is detailed

PDF Postman encrypted emails can't be opened without a password. While this fact is desirable for many people who are dealing with sensitive information, for others it will provide some challenges, especially if they need to preserve a history of sent emails for legal reasons or compliance purposes.  PDF Postman can meet both requirements.

Although this function is not enabled by default, PDF Postman can save an unencrypted copy of an email message to your Outlook Sent Items folder.

To enable this function in PDF Postman, go to Settings>Settings Tab

Image shows the Settings Tab, where you enable the "Save Unencrypted Copy" of email message feature in PDF Postman.
Enable "Save Unencrypted Copy" on Settings Tab
Place a check market in the box for "Save unencrypted copy in Sent Items folder," then Save.

Now every time you send a message, PDF Postman will save an unencrypted copy on your computer.  Outlook will also automatically save the encrypted copy to Sent Items, so you'll have a bit of redundancy.

Best Practices

While PDF Postman will protect your message content as it leaves Outlook and reaches the recipient's inbox, it does not provide protection for the data on your Windows device.

Before saving unencrypted copies of sensitive emails in your Sent Items folder, you should consider whole device security.  If you are sending information protected by U.S. HIPAA regulations using PDF Postman, and now you have stored unencrypted copies of these messages in Outlook, this could result in a data breach if your device is lost, stolen or hacked.

Work with your IT Administrator to ensure that your entire Windows device is secure.  Below are a couple of site at Microsoft that will help you understand how to secure your device.

Windows security tips.
Protecting your Windows Device with Encryption

Free Trial

PDF Postman is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook 2013/2010/2007/2003, and runs on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP.  You're welcome to try PDF Postman free for two weeks.  Click here for your free trial.

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